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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

N4KGL Blog Five Year Anniversary

I have enjoyed blogging here for the past five years. I do it so I won't forget the all the fun I have had doing Ham Radio with many friends. Below are some memorable photos. Thanks to all who follow the blog!

Greg N4KGL

Eyeball QSO with Astronaut Doug Wheelock after our ISS QSO

Hanging an antenna from The St. George Island Lighthouse

Participating in a NM4T Monte Sano Event during the Huntsville Hamfest

Beach setup for the RaDAR Contest

HF beacon rocket launch

Testing two Bravo 7K antennas as a parasitic array at Sandy Point 

Operating from a sand dune at Oxnard Beach California

Operating US Islands event from Shell Island, Florida

The view from Dowdell's Knob in Georgia for SOTA activation 

Practicing for RaDAR Challenge with Suzy

Micky KE8ASK and John W8JER first visit to the Samson rocket launch