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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Sunday RaDAR Walk

There is a "walking" park one mile from my home. So I walked over with Suzy our basset puppy. I pushed the dog stroller loaded with the Icom 7100 and battery. At the park, I used the Chameleon Hybrid Micro with the MIL whip initially. I worked Bob WB4BLX/M on 17 meters SSB who came over with Vic K4GXV. Both Bob and I worked Dan W2AI in New York on 15 meters SSB. I deployed the 60 foot wire over a tree limb and connected it to the Hybrid Micro. Then I worked AA6AC in Oxnard, California. on 15 meters CW I actually worked him before when I was in Oxnard on a work trip a few years ago. To finish up the five, I worked WB4MED in Bellegrade, Florida on 40 meters CW and then KB3CVO on 17 meters CW.

I did meet one of the walkers in the park. She came over and asked if I needed any help. She asked several times. It seems she thought I might be homeless. I did convince her that I am just a radio hobbyist from the neighborhood. But you know pushing a cart around might look that way. I guess that is "daring to be different" as Eddie says. So with five at the park I departed for home and did work five more from the front yard. So I got in two locations doing RaDAR. RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. Please see the new RaDAR Ops site Eddie ZS6BNE setup at