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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

One Day Island Getaway with the Alexloop and the Icom 705

One Day Getaway (1DG) is the US Islands Programs' excuse to operate ham radio from an island on the second Saturday of May. Since I chose to camp at Frank Jackson State Park, Alabama, I had easy access to Memorial Island, USI AL021L, in Lake Frank Jackson. Bob KK4DIV and his wife Carla also camped at the park. They operated from the other end of the island. I minimized my packup with the Alexloop and the Icom 705 which all fit in Alex's Ham Pack. I did search and pounce on 20 meters SSB for fifteen POTA stations. I also got one 40-meter SSB POTA contact and five 20 Meter CW contacts. A few of the contacts took extra repeats to get the info across and some did not. Overall, I had plenty for a POTA activation. I also worked our friend Chris VA3ECO on his island in Ontario. Bob, Carla, and I enjoyed the scenery and had a good time.

Alex PY1AHD's Ham Pack contained the Alexloop and Icom 705

My view from Memorial Island at Frank Jackson State Park

View over the water at Lake Frank Jackson

Sunrise view from our campsite at Frank Jackson State Park