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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Awesome RaDAR to RaDAR QSO

Chris VA3ECO and I both participated in the Spring RaDAR Challenge on Saturday. We had radically different venues. Chris was on foot on a frozen Canadian lake, and I walked in my Garden District neighborhood in Dothan, Alabama. Finding another RaDAR op is challenging. However, I contacted Mike WB8ERJ doing POTA in Ohio on 20 meters SSB. I needed Mike's grid square, which he pulled right up on his Raspberry Pi. His next contact was Chris VA3ECO. I could hear Chris. Then Mike let us make our RaDAR to RaDAR contact. We exchanged our respective grid squares. Chris and I both entered our contact in the online RaDAR log that Eddie ZS6BNE created. So we got the QSL checkmark for having matching information, including the grid square. Communicating effectively is one goal of RaDAR. Chris had a phenomenal five stops in four hours with a one-kilometer walk in between. I made two stops. I did not think HF conditions were very good. I wonder what Chris's secret was for making all those contacts. He said his legs were aching when he was done.

Chris VA3ECO doing on-foot RaDAT on a frozen lake in Ontario.

Chris VA3ECO is operating RaDAR on the ice.

Greg N4KGL's set up in Solomon Park in Dothan, Alabama