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My Antennas

Hamstick Dipole

This is actually two MFJ mobile antennas with a dipole adapter I got at a hamfest.
The fastest way to setup portable as it does not require retuning after it is set and no trees required. 
Par End-Fed Dipole from hotel window

Another easy to use antenna. It works on 40, 20 and 10 meters QRP.
Now available from LnR Precision
Buddistick on 8th floor Balcony

The Buddistick is a real work horse for portable. 
I mated it to a camera tripod. 
It has one radial.
It does take patience to tune for best SWR.

Impromptu 40 meter dipole at San Antonio Hotel

I am always seeing what i can get away with!

Variable length feedline for All-Band Doublet per W5DXP technique

An 80 meter dipole on my lot. It is fed with 300 ohm window line.
Works 80 through 10 meters.
See The W5DXP no tuner approach.
More photos here.