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Monday, March 24, 2014

Semi Pedestrian Mobile

Paul W0RW and Ed WA3WSJ are notable /PM operators. They have my respect. I have had the pleasure of working both of them. The fully pedestrian mobile operator can enjoy hiking and operate at the same time. It is quite a trick.

For the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) contest I plan to hike but it is not necessary to operate while in motion. I am testing a setup I call Semi Pedestrian Mobile. I carry the rig and battery hooked up on my body. For the antenna I am using the Alexloop. The Alexloop is on a four foot military camo pole. Inside the camo pole is a step in electric fence post. The step in post provides the spike at the bottom of the pole. To operate I just plant the pole and I am ready to operate. To transition I can carry the pole horizontal or put it on my shoulder like a baseball bat. Note that you don't have to stand all the time once the loop is tuned you can sit on the ground or take advantage of a park bench.

The KX3 is in a camera bag wit the top removed on my right side and my 10 AH LiFePO4 battery is in the should pack on my left. A new addition to my gear is an American Morse Miniature Straight Key MS-2. I also got the leg strap for it. The key has a nice feel. The leg strap works and it helps if my truck keys are just below the strap in my pocket.

It is wise to test out this concept before the April 5th RaDAR Contest. I made it to a local park in Lynn Haven Florida. The first round of operation I worked ON4DY Belgium on 21.295, WA7HDI\QRP 21.060 and N5MF on 21.040. Then I ran an errand. On my return, I worked KG4PRK in IA, CT7AEQ in Portugal, and NX1K in WI on 17 meter CW. S57DX Slovenia and N8WGM in OH on 17 meter SSB.

I can receive while I walk via the loop. The park is beside the bay. As I approached the bay I heard a signal get stronger the closer I got to the saltwater. For me this was a verification of the saltwater effect.

Most of my RaDAR buds got snow this weekend. It was in the high seventies here. I am looking forward to the April 5th RaDAR contest. I hope the snow and ice is gone by then and we will have world wide participation.

For the RaDAR Contest details see  IARU Region 1 and for the Americas.

RaDAR originated in South Africa headed up by Eddie ZS6BNE. It has spread to the Americas with the efforts of Marcus NX5MK. There is a growing worldwide participation with the RaDAR Community on Google+ See