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Monday, March 3, 2014

Rockets and Radios Roundup

Saturday March 1st was a great day for rockets and radios in Samson, Alabama. John (W8JER) and Micky came to watch. The huge V2 rocket belongs to John Hansel. He had excellent launch on a blue Loki M motor.

Micky and John Raifsnider next to John Hansel's V2

John Hansel's V2 launches on a M motor.

I launched my five inch diameter payload rocket. The payload this time was a 2 meter fox transmitter. The hang time was just over a minute. My HF beacon payload was scratched for this launch. Jason N4JTC and his wife Tammy came just in time to see the launch. Jason is working on a cell phone based payload.  

Greg N4KGL and the payload rocket

Jason and Tammy Charles

Payload Rocket launch on a J315 motor

Payload rocket recovery

Jason brought his RaDAR kit based on an X1M to show. 

Jason N4JTC's X1M RaDAR Kit

Jason N4JTC's X1M RaDAR Kit

I setup my portable ham station with the Elecraft KX3. The antennas were the 10/20/40 LNR Trail Friendly End Fed and the Alexloop. I enjoyed contacting fellow RaDAR operator Pat N0YCA in Missouri on 15 meters CW.

N4KGL's setup for RaDAR Meetup

I went to Dothan to visit my parents after the launch. On Sunday I did some quick antenna work there. Since the ice storm destroyed the balun on the off center fed dipole at my parents house, I decided to insert an insulator and run 300 ohm line to near the ground. At that point I connected to my SGC 237 tuner. I can run coax to the workshop from there. Just as a quick test I setup the KX3 near the tuner. I had two QSOs with good reports on 20 CW. It is possible the feedline currents are unbalanced. But I don't mind some vertical radiation at all. The weather in Dothan Alabama was excellent for being in the yard.

Installing insulator from the roof
The OCF dipole is really high in the pines

SGC 237 tuner at ground level
This was quite a challenge packing and combining all these activities. I guess it is good for my aging brain. The next launch could be March 15th if the farm in Samson is not planted at that time.