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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gear up for the April 5th RaDAR contest

Each RaDAR contest you get to strategize on your category and pack-up. I like the pedestrian mobile category for the April 5th 2014 RaDAR Contest. I plan to essentially wear the KX3 and battery. The Alexloop can be carried deployed. Therefore no setup and no pack-up. I can monitor the band while I walk the 1 km between locations. To operate I can just poke the pole in the sand. It has a spike on the end. I can stand, sit on the sand, or take advantage of a picnic table. I actually have a slightly different way of arranging the gear than the photos. It will take the load off my neck.

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. The RaDAR Contest details are at  Also visit the RaDAR Community at

I hope many will join the fun. RaDAR folks will making QSOs any way we can get them. Note, RaDAR participants will be sending their grid square in the exchange as six or more digits. If you are not in the contest your grid is optional. My call of course is N4KGL.

Alex Loop on pole with a ground spike.

Tenergy 10AH LiFe battery in case.

KX3 in LowePro Edit 140 case with top removed.

Operator with a Microsoft headset