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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rainy Mobile RaDAR Challenge Day

A unique aspect of the RaDAR Challenge is moving from one deployment to another. This can be by foot (>1 km) or vehicle (> 3 km). On December 14th, I had the day available since I took my wife to work in Apalachicola, FL about 60 miles from home QTH. The only hitch was that the chance of rain was 100% with heavy showers and thunder showers. Therefore by vehicle was the better plan.The nearby St George Island has a Lighthouse and a state park. By the way, this Saturday was the ARRL 10 meter Contest.

First thing in the morning, I setup at the Battery Park in Apalachicola with the KX3 and the Alexloop. I had better get some contacts before the rain starts. I got the following; 40 meters CW: K2OO OH and KK4SGF GA. 10 meters CW: G4BJM NN7ZZ AZ and SP4Z. There was just a few light sprinkles there. With five QSOs it was time to move!

I headed to the St George Island Lighthouse. I setup the KX3 and the Trail Friendly end fed off the back of the truck. I worked; 40 meters CW: KE4COH NC10 meters SSB: F8EMH, W1SJ VT, IK2YCW, K2JMY NY. Hey this Ten meter Contest is fun! It was now time for lunch at Subway.

The next stop was St George Island State Park. This was just in time for the rain. First light then heavy and then the thunder started. I did scope out a future setup location on the North side of the park by St. George Sound. I waited for the rain to stop and after a few hours decided to head back to Apalachicola thinking operating was done.

Fortunately, just before sunset the rain stopped and I remembered yet another park in Apalachicola. I setup quickly with the KX3 and the Trail Friendly end fed. I got  K6AM CA, NC0B CO, VE2GSO QC, KP4RSO, K0RF on 10 meters SSB. It was sweet to take advantage of the contest.

This completed ops and I had 15 contacts, three locations with five contacts each. If it had been better weather I could have done several more locations. It was fun despite the rainy weather. I picked upLinda and we had dinner before heading back to Panama City, Florida.

EM79MR23 Battery Park in Apalachicola FL

 EL79NP69 St George Island Lighthouse

St. George Island State Park on the sound. A future location since it was raining.

EL79MR12KL Liberty Park in Apalachicola, FL