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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Poles for Portable Ops

I use two types of telescoping fiberglass poles for supporting lightweight wire antennas. The first is often called a crappie pole. They are available in lengths up to 20 feet extended and are 4 feett long collapsed. I bought my 20 foot poles from Kansas Winds They don't give the brand name on the site but I recieved the HT SHOOTING STAR WITH HT LINE WINDER CRAPPIE POLE 20 FT TELESCOPIC POLE ( SS-20LW). I combine the crappie pole with a plastic electric fence post that has a spike on the end. These are called step in electric fence posts. They are about $2.50 and I find them at Tractor Supply. The spike will support the pole in most soils without any guys. The fence post is four feet long and is taped to the first section of the crappie pole.

The second type of pole is the Jackite 31 foot pole. This pole more substantial and expensive running about $70. It has the advantage of extra height and it can even support the center of a dipole with RG-8X running up the pole. To plant this 31 foot pole in the ground, I use a sand spike made for fishing. I found a good deal on the sand spike on Ebay. Search for Two Custom Fabricated Heavy Duty 44" Sand Spikes. $44 for a pair.

Of course, you can make good use of one pole for verticals, sloping wires or inverted vees. Two or three poles can get more wire higher. If the ground is too hard you can strap a pole to a fence or whatever is available.

31 ft Jackite pole with sand spike for support

20 ft crappie pole with step in electric fence post for support.

31 ft Jackite pole supporting 33 ft end fed half wave for 20 meters

Three 20 ft crappie poles supporting a Norcal Doublet