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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Falling Waters Picnic

The Holmes County ARC sponsors a ham picnic each March at the Falling Waters State Park near Chipley, Florida. The weather was absolute perfection this year with the temperature near 70 degrees FL. Ewan N4LIMI and Dee KB4UUA were great hosts. Fried Chicken is served about noon and there are plenty of sides and desserts brought by the attendees. A highlight is the left foot code contest. I caught Bob W5RE toe tapping code on my Go Pro.

Bob is an great ham that I enjoy working on CW when I am portable. Bob recently did National Parks on The Air from the Florida Everglades.

N4KGL Chameleon F Loop and Alexloop

For me it was a special time as the Raifsniders, Micky and John W8JER, who are my friends visiting from Michigan, the Spanns, Sandy and Thomas WD0HBR, who are my friends from Dothan and my wife Linda were all there. It was the first time the Raifsniders and Spanns had met in person.

Tom WD0HBR operating his MFJ 9040

John W8JER behind his DIY Mag Loop
I brought perhaps too much gear. I had the Chameleon F Loop and the Alexloop setup. It would have been a time to compare them. However, with all the picnic activity I only used the Chameleon. I did works some DX on 15 meters quite easily. Also, I brought the pedal generator and supercapacitor bank to power my Elecraft KX3. I got several takers with pedaling including Sargent Mac KI4ARI.


Falling waters into the sinkhole

Of course, Suzy enjoyed the picnic and got some ham for her treat. I took a hike to the Falling Waters with John and Micky. It turned out there was quite a flow of water falling in the sink hole. Some days it is just a trickle. Don KK4DWC, Sargent Mac KI4ARJ and Barb, and I were the only Bay County representatives. I hope more attend next year.

Barbra KI4ARI and Sargent Mac KI4ARJ

Don "Mr. Grumpy" KK4DWC