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Sunday, February 21, 2016

RaDAR from Suzy's Point Of View

I now have a Go Pro Session Camera. One thing leads to another and Suzy has her own Go Pro mount. I chose the trails at Conservation Park to let Suzy make some video from her point of view. I will let the video will speak for itself.

Suzy is just in her element on the trail. She loves to meet and greet the other people and dogs out there. She also is quite an athlete for a Basset. She can go for any distance I might do for RaDAR. So I have quite the RaDAR Buddy. RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio.

I enjoy being chased by my ham buddies in Near Vertical Incident Skywave NVIS  Range. So I meet up with them of 40 meters. This time Bob WB4BLX was within ground wave distance. Likewise for Steve N4VSP. Tom WD0HBR was coming in great from Dothan, Alabama. That would be NVIS. Another, Bob W5RE, was at NP18 Everglades National Park for National Parks On The Air. I was his first contact for his activation there.

I told a passer-by that I was doing amateur radio. He said "I know I am VA3ECO Chris from Ontario." Chris has his own outdoor adventures. He has some excellent model airplane videos. Here is one.

Chris also has a remote station back in Ontario. I later worked him on 17 meters from his remote and also local on ground wave.

I doubled back to the trail head and met John W8JER and Micky KE8ASK. I got their update on Hamcation in Orlando. John found a Kenwood he was looking for and Micky hooked up with Gordon West and now is a certified instructor for teaching ham classes.

It all made for an enjoyable day. Suzy conked out early for the evening after all the activity she had.