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Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK Weekend

Three day weekends are good. Saturday was the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society launch at Samson, AL. John W8JER and his fiance Micky attended. They are spending a couple of months here escaping from the Michigan weather. I decided to make a launch of my Stealth below. It is not your usual rocket.

I spent Saturday night with my parents in Dothan, Alabama. Sunday, I setup in the backyard. My Dad spent some time out there with me He is 87. He was never a ham, but he had a lot to with me getting my license when I was a teen. He built many Heathkits including the large projection TV. I did work five stations on five bands. The first QSO was Venezuela on 10 meters SSB.

Monday morning I operated as K3Y/4 for the SKCC Anniversary. I used the KX3 with the NA4RR hex beam at the club house. I had some help from club members including Bob Leasko WB8PAF. The count was 28 QSOs across 17 states and two QSOs from France including Bert F6HKA on 15 meters. Manfred DJ1SJ made a real effort to copy me but no luck this time.

Setup for K3Y/4

Hex beam at the clubhouse.
Alas, it is a wrap for the weekend I enjoyed the fair weather.

Greg N4KGL