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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rock'n The Neighborhood

The ARCI Pet Rock Sprint was an opportunity to use my Pixie transceiver which has a 7.030 MHz crystal or rock..This rig came pre-assembled from Ebay about a year ago. I installed it in a sandwich container. Unfortunately, it suffers from major broadcast interference or BCI. To combat the BCI, I thought the Alexloop being narrow-band device would help. Indeed it did. Making QSOs is challenge for a 200 miliwatt rig with an antenna is not that efficient on 40 meters.  I did work Vic K4GXV and Bob WB4BLX. Vic is a block away and Bob is a few miles. I must admit they had a heads up on email. If it was not so cold, I would have stuck it out and tried harder for an out of town QSO. I tried the Pixie on the doublet antenna from the house and the BCI was just too much. I wish I had built the Lil Squall tuna tin kit I won in Huntsville. I'll have to get that done.