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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rocket Launch Ops

I attended the January 12th SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society launch in Samson, AL. Of course, I can't resist bringing the radio gear. I setup a 44 foot NorCal Doublet and the KX3. I was looking for Kelly K4UPG operating as K3Y/4 from Sanford FL. I found him as soon as I tuned up on 40 meters. I also worked K3Y/7 on 15 meters and checked into the SouthCARS net on 40. I was pleased to have Jim KC4HW, John KK4LST and James KE4GWW with his Son Tullis attend. All members of the Wiregrass ARC in nearby Dothan, AL. They got a great rocket show from the SEARS fliers and Tullis launched some of my rockets. I have recently gotten interested in fox hunting radio style. I tested out my yagi, VHF loop and offset attenuator all from Arrow Antennas. I find they work pretty good with my Baofeng UV-5R HT. Of course I knew where the Byonics MicroFox was located as I placed it myself. This was a warm up for the Orlando Hamfest Fox Hunt and future opportunities with the Panama City and Wiregrass clubs. Enjoy the photos.

18 inch saucer on a J motor

Gizmo on I motor

20 foot poles for NorCal doublet

Center of NorCal Doublet


doublet hooked directly to KX3. It uses internal tuner

Arrow yagi for fox hunting

Arrow YHF loop, offset attenuator and HT

Byonics Micro Fox