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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov 28th George Park QRP

I planned to setup and operate on 30 meters to avoid the WW CW contest. So I headed to George Park here in Panama City. I could not find my battery pack and went back home only to find it was in the truck all along. Then returning to the field I did not have my long wire I planned to use. Well I did have my 10/20/40 Par End Fed. So I made use of the fact that you can use a 1/2 wave wire with end fed's matchbox on any HF band. So I rigged up a 46 foot wire based on the 33 foot section of the end fed and finishing it out with the radial on the kite winder from the Buddistick. It matched well on first try and I finally got on 30 meters. I had three contacts. The one with K3XI running 5 watts in Whitepost, VA was very solid.

On another note I used one of my PVC A Frame masts (13 foot) to hold up one end of the end fed dipole. The mast is like cheap furniture it is just strong enough to stay together. Anyway it did serve its purpose. See my notes on the mast here. Here are some photos.