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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Amateur Satellite Contact with a HT and a Whip Antenna

This is the case of many ideas coming together from hams that share. I discovered the RH-770 antenna while reading. 
"VHF, Summits and More: Having Fun With Ham Radio" by Bob Witte K0NR. Bob has had success with this extra-long antenna doing VHF SOTA activations. I bought the HYS BNC model on Amazon for $17. 

The HYS BNC RH-770 telescoping whip antenna

My handheld radios have SMA connectors. I was tipped off by Bradford K6LCS on about the Gulyas SMA to BNC adapters. I feel pretty good that I can manage such a long antenna with the Gulyas adapter on my HT. The RH-770 is about a yard long. It telescopes and is not that heavy. A check on two-meter simplex has confirmed much that the HY-770 outperforms my other HT antennas, even the longer ones.

The Gulyas SMA to BNC Adapter

Given the enhanced performance of the RH-770 antenna, I wondered if I could use it to work one of the FM birds like AO-91 or AO-92. So I dashed out to the front yard for a pass of AO-91. I was using the RH-770 and my Yaesu FT-60 handheld. I use a speaker/mic to allow me to move the antenna around for the best reception and still talk.

The Yaesu FT-60 Handheld HT, speaker/mic and antenna.

On this pass, Denny K5DCC was on. I enjoy listening to Denny's interviews on the Digicomm Cafe Radio On The Rocks Podcast. Denny promotes the sats on his shows and often interviews hams he meets on the birds. I gave Denny a shout, and he called me back just as AO-91 was going out of range. I held the FT-60 over my head and vertical at that point.

The RH-770 Whip collapsed

Any time I make an FM sat contact, I consider it a stroke of luck due to the congestion on the passes. Thanks for the QSO, Denny.  I'll see if I can repeat this feat again. It is much easier to grab the HT with a whip instead of my Elk log-periodic antenna.


Greg N4KGL

Confirmation of my K5DCC contact on LOTW.