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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Yes you can POTA After NPOTA!

Northwest Florida is loaded with State Parks. See this map. WWFF-KFF is an on-going program that can fill in the void when National Parks On The Air NPOTA 2016 concludes. KFF activators need 10 contacts from a state or national parks and more. Hunters can just register and get rewards without sending their logs. I have done a couple of activations recently. You can also send in applicable activation logs you have back to January 2016. I sent in my NPOTA logs to Jason for a couple of additional activation credits.

Here is a note from Jason W3AXX who is the KFF coordinator.

We at have taken the momentum of the National Parks on the Air program, added National Wildlife Refuges/Parks/ Recreation Areas, and State Parks of all 50 states.
There are free awards, and a nice community ready to go in 2017.
It is a permanent program and part of the World Wide Flora and Fauna, which has international backing and active all over from Europe to Australia since 1993.
Please find the "click here" to get started on the main page. you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
73 44 W3AAX - Jason