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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Second Saturday Sprint

This time the Second Saturday Sprint, sponsored by the Google+ QRP Field Operators Community, fell on the same date as the SEARS Rocket Launch in Samson, Alabama. It is not unusual for me to setup my radios at the rocket launch. This time Bob WB4BLX and Vic K4GXV came up from Panama City to watch the rockets. My setup for the SSS was the Elecraft KX2 and an inverted L antenna with the Chameleon Hybrid at the base. I ran 10 watts which counts as QRO for the SSS.

The Inverted L Antenna, up one pole and across to the other one,

I don't think conditions were the best. There were loud signals but some of them lost copy on me quickly. In the Second Saturday Sprint, you have two hours, 2 to 4 PM, your local time to make as many contacts you can. You get more credit for working other QFO members but I had no luck finding them this time.

The Chameleon Hybrid Base for the Inverted L.

I have friends that chase me while I am portable. This time I worked W4RYZ the club station in Panama City. Bob WB8PAF was the operator. Then, Mike KM4ELJ also found me. He was at home in Youngstown, Florida. I heard Tom WD0HBR in Dothan, Alabama but he lost me. I also heard John W8JER calling from Sturgis, Michigan but he did not hear me. All of this was on 40 meters. I did work a couple more on 40. First was AK4NY doing SKCC in Georgia and then WD8ARZ mobile in Tennessee on SSB. On the second hour I went on 20 CW. I worked WA2BQU in New Jersey on 14.061. Then F6EJN and VE3DZP operating SKCC.

The Elecraft KX2

The Second Saturday Sprint gives you credit for non-sprint contacts including other events like the SKCC Weekend Sprint and also casual contacts. This is just the type of operating that I do for Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR).  The Second Saturday Sprint runs May through October. I may miss the final one in October. They have been a lot of fun. Jim K0RGI says he will advertise the SSS more widely next year.

P. S. I sure missed Suzy on this outing. She was at home with Linda. I also missed the saltwater advantage I get around Panama City,