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Sunday, July 17, 2016

RaDAR Challenge July 2016.

I did better this time in regard to minimizing the pack-up. My rig was the Elecraft KX2. The internal LiPo battery works well. I can wean off taking an external 10 amp hour battery. I still had my hands full with antennas. I carried the Alexloop deployed and the Elk beam. I did use a simple non-resonant wire recommended by Wayne N6KR at the last stop. Perhaps that was all I needed. The Elk did payoff for simplex contacts. I also had it for a SO-50 pass. I was there but the satellite was not. I may have been confused on the time of the pass.

I did not get any RaDAR to RaDAR contacts I had a schedule with Tom G0SBW and Eddie ZS6BNE. I heard nil from here.  Myron WV0H in Colorado got up early to listen for me but no joy.

I did operate at three locations during the four hours. I had a lot of help from locals WB4BLX, N4VSP, KK4DWC, K4LIX and WB8PAF operating W4RYZ. I also found another local K7LES at random on 20 meters SSB. I enjoyed working WB2GAI off the bridge. He was strong for QRP. Likewise, it was fun to work W4HZL. He was NPOTA at TR21. Signals were slim on the bands.

I missed having Suzy along. I think she would have changed my luck for DX.