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Monday, October 26, 2015

Suzy's Weekend

There was so much going on Friday through Sunday, I cannot cover all it in one post. Linda, Suzy and I made it a long weekend as Linda worked Saturday and Sunday in Port Saint Joe. Friday we made it to St George Island. Suzy really takes to the beach. She toys with the surf coming in, but never gets her feet wet. She chases any moving wildlife, birds, crabs and the like. I could go on but see the photos.

Saturday and Sunday I made several excursions between parks in Port St Joe for RaDAR practice.. When she was much younger it was difficult to make much hiking progress as she sniffed everything. I was surprised that now she will lead the way on the trails. So she is ready for some serious RaDAR.

All in all she had a blast this weekend including climbing into the bed at the hotel, sharing my lunch and conning passer-bys out of a belly rub.