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Saturday, September 19, 2015

New England QRP Afield Event

I had a good time out portable with Suzy. We went to a park in nearby Lynn Haven, Florida. It is on the bay. The facilities near the shore were crowded. So I setup further back under a roofed area. I settled on using a fan dipole with 20 meter part horizontal and the 40 meter as an inverted vee. I was able to strap three jackite poles to posts that are already there. My radio was the Elecraft KX3 at five watts.

Suzy calls CQ

40/20 fan dipole

I got on one hour after the start. I worked Myron WV0H in Colorado on 20 meters. He was running one watt. After that I was scrounging for any contact I could find. There was the South Carolina and New Jersey QSO parties. There were a number of station calling CQ SR which I found out was Salmon Run. I did work some other QRP Stations

40 meters:
KB4GYT 5 watts South Carolina
N4SFR 2 watts in Alabama
K4GXV 5 watts in Florida
WB4BLX 5 watts in Florida

20 meters:
AA5TB 5 watts in Texas
N6GA 5 watts in California
W2RR 5 watts in New York
KC0CCR 5 watts in Iowa

K4GXV and WB4BLX were local. I also worked Mike KM4ELJ running 100 watts who was local. The rest were non QRP including New Jersey (2), South Carolina (3), Kansas, Washington State, and Texas.

My Elecraft KX3
So apparently the QRPers did have a hard time finding each other. But who can complain about an afternoon of portable operating in the park. 

The bay