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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Announcing the RaDAR Active Program

The aim is to encourage and recognize Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) activity. RaDAR Operators can keep a count of RaDAR Activations. An activation is making five contacts while on a portable outing away from their permanent station. To get more activations on an outing you must travel the required distances (See below) before making additional contacts. 

Posting a photo to the RaDAR Google+ Community (or anywhere you choose) and additional details for each activation is welcome but not required. A post to the community monthly will solicit the current RaDAR Active count for participants. Participants may list their RaDAR Activation count on any post to the community. For fun use the hashtag   

The RaDAR Active counts will begin with the RaDAR Challenge and end at the beginning of the next RaDAR Challenge. RaDAR Challenge is the first Saturday of April and November. The RaDAR Active replaces the RaDAR Rally. It is simpler and less bookkeeping. We can see how it works and adjust.

All amateur bands are allowed including cross band contacts via amateur radio satellites.
Modes – CW, SSB, AM, FM or any legal digital mode. QSOs via terrestrial repeaters will NOT be allowed. This is not a contest there are no winners or losers. Participants do it for the challenge and enjoyment of Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio.

Travel Modes and Required Distances:

Modes of transport and required movement distances (moving RaDAR stations only)
Vehicles, motorcycles and motorboats etc. (Motorised transport) – 6 km
Bicycles – 2 km
On foot and paddle canoes – 1 km
Wheelchairs – 500 m
Aeronautical mobile stations are considered moving stations and can communicate at any convenient time.
Note: Moving RaDAR stations can move at any time but are required to move to the next destination after five contacts have been made from the present location. The move needs to cover the required distance. This requirement tests the ability to rapidly re-deploy your amateur radio field station.