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Saturday, March 7, 2015

RaDAR Challenge: Have it Your Way!

The previous Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) Contests were four hour events on the first Saturday of April and November. The contests were a specific four hour time slot which worked for me and I did enjoy working against the clock. However, for operators all around the globe a specific time slot does not work. Eddie ZS6BNE has evolved the RaDAR contest into the RaDAR Challenge which will be a 24 hour event on the same days. That will to give us the maximum flexibility to schedule our operations. Likewise RaDAR is about motion. Make five contacts and move! How you move is up to you. I will let the graphics below tell the story. Funny, I had thought about doing RaDAR ops for Field Day. Moving during Field day is non-traditional but not precluded by the rules. Now with the RaDAR Challenge being 24 hours I can have a Field day RaDAR style in April. I really would like to hit all my favorite spots in one day. Of course now the challenge is getting April 4th set aside.

If this idea appeals to you visit Eddie's Blog and the Google+ RaDAR Community.