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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The December RaDAR Rally On-The-Air Meetup from Florida

Bob KK4DIV and I located at Leslie Porter Wayside Park EM70EG20. My intended location St Andrews State Park. However that park was consumed with a foot race. Bob and I chose our pedestrian moble setups. Bob used his FT-817 backpack with a coil and whip. I used the KX3 with the Alexloop. The weather was favourable with blue skies and cool but not cold temps.

N4KGL's Alexloop at the bay side.
I was on 20 SSB for the first 40 minutes. I worked Bob KK4DIV (he was 60 over S9), Don KK4DWC in Southport FL, then John W8JER in Sturgis, Michigan. John will be coming to Panama City in January to escape the snow. Next was Scott ND9E who was doing RaDAR at EM48XO97FA followed by Phil N4STC/M in Panama City. I switched to 20 CW to finish the first hour. I worked Shawn W5HMB in Mississippi, Rick ND9DX in Illinois. Then I heard a combination of Pat NQ0N in Missouri and Pat N5VMO in Arkansas.  Both Pats were a little weak and there was QRM to boot.

The second hour I went to 15 SSB and worked John W8JER and his friend Denny N8JGG both in Sturgis. Then I heard Tom G0SBW and got his call right finally.  It was fine business to do a intercontinental \PM to \PM RaDAR QSO.

N4KGL on the bridge over the bay.

At this point Bob and I ventured onto the old bridge over the bay next to the new one. We made it to the peak in the middle. I worked Jack N1HQ in Panama City, FL on 20 meters SSB. Then on 15 meters CW a nice solid copy QSO with John VA3KOT in Ontario. John was a RaDAR Chaser due to the weather up there. We exchanged grids and SKCC numbers. John said I bent his S meter. So the top on the bridge is going to be on my return to list. I also worked Preston WA6OEF in California.

Bob KK4DIV/PM was also on the bridge.

So why not check our more bands. I worked FM/F9IE in Martinique on 12 meters SSB. Then W0ANT in Colorado and KY7M in Arizona on 10 meters SSB contest. I went to 17 meters SSB and posted on the RaDAR Spotter page. I was called by ND9E Scott for second QSO and he was on his third RaDAR location for the day which was EM58AS38XC. I worked two more on 17 meters SSB. They were W0PZD in Arizona and N5RK portable in Texas.

Lots of good reports on the Alexloop. So LOOP plus SALT WATER equals FUN. I was pleased to met several RaDAR folks on the air. Likewise, a nice time with Bob KK4DIV doing RaDAR at the same time and same park. Perhaps we could have walked enough for a second location. We will try for that next time. It was a bit of exercise with the \PM gear.

73s and have fun with RaDAR! N4KGL

Wayside Park in Lynn Haven, Florida.