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Sunday, August 17, 2014

N4KGL/N4JTC Payload Rocket August 16th Launch

Jason, N4JTC, prepared a rocket tracking and telemetry payload for my 5.5 inch diameter Gizmo rocket which has been modified to have a large payload bay. This payload used relatively inexpensive components; a smart phone (Ebay special), a mobilinkd tnc and a Baofeng UV5R. These items fit on a board that slips into the rocket payload bay. The general description of the project is shown in the embedded document below. Jason will compile and share the results in the near future.

UPDATE: the data from the flight is up on Jason's site.

The launch and recovery at the SEARS August 16th launch in Samson, Alabama was a success on a J425 motor. The rocket  did not go very high. It could have been a 1000 feet or less. The rocket did weather-cock into the wind which lowers the altitude. The APRS tracking was working well. I will let the pictures tell the story until we get the telemetry report from Jason. This was a great opportunity to collaborate with another ham. Jason is very good at interfacing and packaging the components for this type of project. Other payloads are being considered for future launches. So standby for that!