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Friday, April 18, 2014

N4KGL April 2014 RaDAR Contest Entry

My site for the April 5th RaDAR Contest was Saint Andrews State Park near Panama City Florida. See my log entry below. My strategy was to wear my KX3 and battery and walk with the Alexloop deployed. I call this Semi Pedestrian Mobile. It was threatening rain but the rain never came. First I made five contacts on the beach near the jetties. Then I walked up the beach one kilometer and made five more. Then I headed back to the jetties and went to a gazebo where I could sit. I got five more contacts for a total of fifteen jover the four hour period. I think everyone I passed was just a little interested in what I was doing. Several asked and were very friendly.  I think my choice of the Alexloop paid off. There was less setup time and more time for contacts compared to erecting poles for antennas.

I worked a fellow RaDAR operator Steve KF5RYI  in Texas. The RaDAR Contest was fun and challenging. Speaking of other operators they were global from Fred VE3FAL, Lucy M6ECG to Eddie ZS6BNE and others you can find their stories on the RaDAR Community at this link. The RaDAR America Rules are at this link

Greg N4KGL

Location 1 EM70DD near jetties

Location 2 EM70DD near Sandy Point

Location 3 EM70DC in gazebo near jetties

The view from the gazebo.