SKCC 5123T----- FISTS 14979----- Flying Pigs 2331----- NAQCC 3610-----QRP ARCI 14176-----Polar Bear 257

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sand Dune Ops from Oxnard Beach CA

It is hard to beat operating RaDAR portable from a sand dune with a great view ocean side and shore side. The rig was the KX3 with Ham Central Terminal and the Alexloop. On 17 meters I worked W7AAL WA, JA1OCC and WA4OZF AL PSK. 15 meters AA6AC CA and JA3DAY. It took a few repeats with the JAs but they were very patient. Then I discovered the SKS sprint was going and worked KF7WNS OR and K7VM WA on 20 meters. My external battery tanked and I switched over to internal batteries at the end. The sunset was beautiful. This wraps up my California Ops near Oxnard. I am pleased I could get in plenty of operating. I especially enjoyed working the JAs. N4KGL