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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Huntsville Hamfest 2013

I was fortunate to make the annual vigil to Huntsville this year. Marv KK4DKT and I drive up from Panama City FL together.  Friday night we setup portable behind the La Quinta. Marv deployed his Ham Box 1000 and did DSTAR back to Panama City and I worked a Cuban Station on 20 meters SSB with the Alexloop.

It is always a pleasure to meetup with my buddy John K4KQZ from Columbia TN. We all do our best to simulate the economy. This year I bought a Heathkit Solid State Dip Meter in good shape for antenna work.. When I saw the LNR Precision Trail-Friendly 40/20/10 End Fed, I could not leave without it. It looks perfect for Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR). I threw away the box and put it in my pocket.

Craig NM4T my Huntsville Buddy hosted a Build-A-Thon with Rex W1REX on Monte Sano Saturday night. It was good to see several young folks do a good job on the tuna tins. Hey did you know those kits can be built in the dark with penlights. We were joined by Jerry N4EO also from Columbia TN. He bought three military PRC type radios. One was a Navaho Code Talker Set. They were awesome.

Sunday, I gave a QRP Forum presentation on RaDAR to about 20 hams. It was fun sharing the RaDAR concepts Eddie ZS6BNE has given us from South Africa. Mike N4MHO from the RaDAR Google+ Community attended and we also had an eyeball QSO Saturday. I also enjoyed Craig NM4T's presentation on salt water operations. Craig NM4Tdoes an outstanding job with the QRP forums and the Monte Sano activity. It has become to be known as Two Days in Huntsville (TDiH). There were prizes at the forums and I won a digital subscription to CQ magazine.

I saw a presentation on kit building by Joe K0NEB fron Lincoln Nebraska. Since Joe was from Lincoln, I asked him if he knew Thomas WD0HBR my Dothan buddy who moved to AL from Lincoln. Sure enough Joe was one of Tom's students when he taught broadcasting in college there. 

I am looking forward to Orlando Hamcation in February and a return to Huntsville next year!

Greg N4KGL

Three Amigos: Greg N4KGL, John K4KQZ and Marv KK4DKT

The cabin on Monte Sano used for the W1REX Build-A-Thon

Tuna Tin Build-A-Thon

Jerry N4EOs Navaho Code Talker Set