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Sunday, June 9, 2013

RaDAR in the Month of May

In the month of May, I kept a log of my Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio (RaDAR) activity. RaDAR is a good way to exercise your portable operating skills and equipment. See for the rules. I had 18 RaDAR outings (16 Portable, 1 Mobile, 1 Pedestrian Mobile) at ten locations with 42 QSOs total. In RaDAR there are portable, mobile, and pedestrian mobile categories. The categories are a little different from what you might think. So take a look at the rules.

My Mobile outing was  5 contacts at St. George State Park, 6 contacts at St George Lighthouse, 1 at a park in Apalachicola  FL for 336 points. My Pedestrian Mobile outing was a 2.5 km walk 5 contacts and a 2.5 km walk at TopSail Hill Preserve State Park FL for 192 points

I calculate 956 points total for May. The Mobile and Pedestrian Mobile categories get multipliers. Lots of bonuses in the rules. I am dismal at logging so the program inspired me to do better. There is a Google+ Community: Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio (RaDAR) for sharing your RaDAR operations It is easy to post a picture of your setup using the smart phone. I am encouraging the community to make at least one RaDAR outing a month.

EM70OQ88 St. George State Park FL

E79NP69 St. George Island Lighthouse

EM79MR23 Park in Apalachicola FL

EM60UI Topsail Hill Preserve State Park near Miramar Beach FL

EM70CE82 Lunch Ops near La Quinta on Thomas Drive Panama City Beach FL
EM70ED45 Panama City ARC Club House

EM70DF90 Walking Park Panama City FL

EM71GF Parent's House Dothan, AL
EM70EL23 Mr. Grumpy's Crooked Fence Ranch South Port, FL
EM72NN Brother In Law's Yard Columbus GA