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Monday, September 10, 2012

SKCC's September Weekend Sprintathon (WES)

The SKCC WES is a 24-hour sprint that occurs on the second Sunday of each month, starting at 0000 UTC. I was staying in the house this weekend as my wife is recovering from knee surgery. Of course this was a good opportunity to participate in the sprint. I would rate the conditions as pretty good and 15 meters was open. The highlight for me was working Bert F6HKA on 40, 20 and 15 during the sprint. I don't know if Bert got any sleep as he seemed to be on for the whole sprint. I was happy to recognize so many regulars from previous sprints and some new calls also. I did hunt and pounce at 5 watts for all but the 15 meter contact with F6HKA which was using 10 watts. My QSO total was 42 with 22 on 20m, 13 on 40m and 7 on 15m. Note, I worked F5JWH Phil on both 20 &15 meters and NP3CW Julio in Puerto Rico on 15. I had a nice nearby QSO on 40 meters with Jack AD4TK in Shalimar, FL. He was running a Johnson Viking 2 at 100 watts.

For me this confirms my new radio setup in the front bedroom is working. I am using the KX3 with a 100 foot run of coax up through the attic and down into a closet in the back of the house. Just outside the house is a SGC 237 remote coupler which has a run of 300 ohm feedline to my doublet having the peak about 35 feet. There is some debate about using 300 ohm line on the output of the remote coupler. For me I am satisfied that he doublet with 300 ohm feedline is a viable configuration. I also tried a 30 foot vertical wire from the hot side of the coupler and a elevated counterpoise about 60 feet long. This alternate configuration tunes well but I believe the doublet outperforms the vertical wire. 15 meters might be a toss up. Of course, the doublet is much higher. Note I did some Reverse Beacon testing to confim this. A loop directly connected to the remote coupler is an option, but it is hard to go for the loop option when the doublet is already in place.

I continue to enjoy the KX3 as a base rig. I am looking forward to some Fall weather to do some portable ops. I want to test out the KX3 internal tuner with portable antennas.

Greg N4KGL

SGC-237 Remote Coupler