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Monday, July 23, 2012

QRP on the Beach

Sunday, Linda and I took a beach trip to St. George Island, FL. It was hot but no rain. I packed the HB-1B and the Alexloop. As you can see in the photos, the Alexloop is ideal for setting up next to the surf. There are no poles to deal with, just the tripod. My first hour of ops did not yield any contacts. I was getting a little worried. Then we moved to a covered picnic area on the other side of the dunes. There, I snagged a contact with Charles W2SH/1. It was solid copy for thirty minutes. Also, we were both on islands and both running QRP. He was near Sandwich, NH on a small island in a lake. So I have to call that one the QSO of the Day! Then I tried out 40 meters with the loop. I got KF4TJE, Stan, in Burns, TN. I enjoy those 40 meter contacts because who would think such a small antenna would work on 40 meters. 

So it was a good day trip. Linda likes to read and I like to operate QRP. We did get our suits wet in the surf. That's pretty rare even though we live in Florida!