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Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Meter J Pole

Our club members have started meeting on10 meters SSB Monday evenings. It is a challenge for everyone to hear everyone else. So I decided to try a vertically polarized antenna. I found a nice diagram for a 10 meter J pole at by N1LO. Very simple and I had the 450 ohm window line on hand. It is a half wave element over a quarter wave matching stub.

The support I had in place was a "military" mast made from four foot fiberglass sections. I have a PVC pipe strapped to a post that guides the mast. Since the bottom is a little more than four feet off the ground I can add four foot sections from the bottom. I was able to slip an 18 foot Crappie pole through the neck of one of the four foot sections to extend the height. Currently I have 20 feet with the military mast plus 18 feet with the crappie pole for 38 foot at the tip. I just tapped the half wave and the stub starting at the tip of the crappie pole. The SWR showed a nice resonance point but it was below ten meters more like eleven meters. I  folded over the wire at the tip to shorten it up. And finally all is good.

I was able to talk to three locals for checkout and the one further north Don KK4DWC had an improved signal. He is using an A99 antenna we helped him out with. The vertical to vertical contact was working well. When he switched to his G5RV he dropped about three S units. Note Marv KK4DKT near by also built the  J Pole. He got his up and working first. His SWR was perfect right off the bat. Good Job Marv!

I did a CQ on 28.4 and was pleased to work Tim W6WQA in Southern California. He said I was up to S 7 and it was a solid QSO. He alsogave me his 10-10 number and recommended getting one. Our club members might be interested. We might create a chapter for our local net. See Enjoy the photos below they are all vertical Hi Hi