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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Polar Bear and Grid Squares

I went out with the Panama City club today to a bay side park in Lynn Haven, FL. My setup was the Inverted U supported by a mast off my truck hitch. It is 52 feet of wire center fed via 300 ohm line to a BLT tuner. My rig was the HB1B at 5 watts. My goal was to work Polar Bears and the QRP ARCI Grids Square Event. I nailed both by working Kelly Bear K4UPG right off the bat on 40 meters. He was participating in the Grid Square event at EL98. I continued on 40 meters working Lake Wales and Miami FL. Then I retuned for 20 meters and worked W5ESE at EM00 and W4MPS at FM05. So it was fun to get some contacts and mix with the club members. Marv KK4DKT brought his daughter Sydney and she had her first contact on Marv's new FT-897 rig.

Greg N4KGL