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Friday, December 16, 2011

KISS Analyzer

I completed the Deluxe Tenna Dipper Kit from I can say the KISS principle is up held with this kit. Compared to the MFJ and other antenna analyzers it is more compact, less costly and very simple. I have had bad luck with analyzers going out of calibration. The simple bridge circuit inside this unit requires no calibration. When the LED indicator goes out or even dims you are ready to operate. So you can use it to adjust the length of your dipole or set the coil on your Buddistick antenna. Also you can use it to adjust your tuner before transmitting. Your rig will appreciate that.

The build was one morning. There is one SMT part but it was easy. I did have an issue that the LED did not fully dim. After some troubleshooting I found that I had switched two leads on the toroid transformer. Now it works great and the LED fully dims.

Greg N4KGL