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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Extending the BuddiStick for Parking Lot Portable

I have put the Buddistick at the top of my 20 foot mast before. However, just for fun I added a 15 foot wire running down the mast from the driven element. At the five foot level I convert to coax and attached the counterpoise there. It works out that using the two 11 inch arms and the telescoping whip plus the 15 foot wire is just right for 30 meters. For 20 meters remove all of the Buddistick except one 11 inch arm. On 40 add the coil and set the tap at about 50%. The counterpoise is set for about the same length as the vertical part except 40 which was 31 feet. From one perspective it would be more efficient because it uses no coil or less coil than it would without the wire. From another perspective the height of the antenna is less. In any case I'll have to try it out on the air. Note the overcast weather is due to Tropical Storm Lee which has given us light rain so far in Panama City.