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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Destin FL QRP Portable Ops

I spent some time in Destin FL as my wife was working there and would have to drive herself home late at night. So my first setup was day time just across the bridge at the National Sea Shore. I put the Buddistick on the picnic table. The conditions were not great on 20 meters and I had one ham tell me I was 119 and to go QRO.  My luck was better with a contact with N4EX/2 in northern NY state near Montreal. I also had the start of a QSO with K1GCD in Maine but he lost me.

The second setup was in the Target Parking lot after dark. I started with the 40 meter hamstick dipole but that was not cutting it. Then I went to the Buddistick at 20 feet on the mast with the radial going over to a light pole. That did a god job on 40 and I worked W0ERE in MO, W4EDE in Miami Beach and K4IBZ over in Crestview FL.

So the eight hours went by pretty quick and enjoyed the time on the air.