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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Michigan Mighty Mite

A very simple transmitter. The circuit is at this link. Mine is for 40 meters. I setup the components each with their own terminal strip. There is Velcro on the bottom. The components can be placed on the board covered with matching Velcro. The idea was that I could disassemble and have the Grand Kids reassemble. Well maybe.

I got lucky and worked KE4WKH Orange Beach, AL. So that was about 115 miles. My power meter showing 1 watt out and my batteries are at 13.9 volts. That is a bit more than most get but I have 11 AAs in my battery pack. You will also notice the antenna switch that has the antenna as the common and switches to the receiver or the MMM. It is nice that on transmit the signal can be heard in the receiver as that is good for spotting and sidetone.

It is challenging to make contacts being rock bound. I just have to be patient and persistent. This takes me back to the Novice days! The MMM is being picked up by CW skimmers on the Reverse Beacon Network as far as Maryland..