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Sunday, February 6, 2011

N4KGL Beacon Rocket Version 2

 The N4KGL Beacon Rocket has been revised to have an improved payload design and rocket booster. The payload incorporates the toroid transformer instead of the Par Matchbox.  This makes the payload lighter and more streamlined. In the payload top down there is a 9V battery, ID-O-Matic 2 code identifier, 20 meter CW transmitter with 14.060 MHz crystal and the toroid transformer antenna coupler. Near the rocket mid point will be attached the 33 foot wire antenna which will trail the rocket.

The antenna coupler matching is required because the antenna is a end fed half wave having a high impedance and the transmitter output is a low impedance. I may replace the 9V battery with a 11 AAAs to get the power up from 1 watt to 2 watts.

The rocket booster is a 3 inch diameter section with fins having a 38 mm motor tube. It has a dandy transition from 3 inch to the 2.2 inch BT-70 payload tube. The booster will have a 4 foot diameter parachute. I plan to recover the payload and the booster together for now. Thanks for Cliff Oliver of SEARS for loaning me the booster.

I did a simulation with a H123 aerotech reload and I get an altitude of about 1700 feet and a 100 second hang time.  This seems like a good plan.

I am going to test the beacon today by having the payload near the ground and the end of the 33 foot wire about 25 feet high.

If all goes well the maiden launch will be at the February 12th SEARS launch from Samson, AL. I will announce the launch via QRPSpots.


Ground test results from Panama City FL

02/06 18:13N4KGLSignal was a 229 with HF9V on the ground.WB3AAL
02/06 18:0914060.0N4KGL599 into EPA with beam at 30 ft up.WB3AAL
02/06 18:0314060N4KGLvia @N4KGL: N4KGL 14.060 1800 UTC QRP Gnd testing rocket beacon 1w frm FL cpy?N4KGL