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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Team RaDAR Rally at Falling Waters State Park, April 2024

Tom WD0HBR was my teammate during the April 2024 RaDAR Rally. Our venue was Falling Waters State Park in Florida. Tom, Suzy, and I walked the trails to four locations within four hours making five contacts at each on 20 meters. We used the FX-4CR rig on SSB with both the SOTABeams 40-30-20 link dipole and the Alexloop mag loop. The last stop was my favorite, using the Elecraft KH-1 running five-watt CW. It is a handheld rig with a four-foot whip antenna. I got the last five there for a total of twenty contacts. The weather could not have been better. Tom and I enjoyed our team's RaDAR outing.

 73, Greg N4KGL

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Countdown to the April 6th, 2024 RaDAR Rally

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. The next RaDAR Rally is April 6th, 2024. See the details at All ham radio operators are welcome to participate.

Friday, March 22, 2024

N4KGL April 6th RaDAR Rally Venue Update

Linda and I should return to Dothan, AL, before the April 6th RaDAR Rally. So, I have decided on Falling Waters State Park, one hour South of Dothan near Chipley, FL. It is POTA US-1864. I used this venue for the Spring 2023 RaDAR Rally.  Here are the blog and YouTube links.

For the 2023 Fall RaDAR Rally, I was at St. Andrews State Park. I had the advantage of the saltwater shore. I used the Chinese FX-4C and the Alexloop. The rig puts out 20 watts, which is an advantage for SSB.  That would be another good choice this time. However, I must consider my recent experience with the new Elecraft KH-1. While walking Suzy in the neighborhood, I had good luck hunting POTA stations with the KH1. The KH1 is a hand-held CW rig with an attached whip and built-in tuner. The whip is good for 20, 17, and 15 meters. Once the rig is in my hand, I will be ready for all stops. It does not matter where the stop is since I can operate and log on foot. That is it. Of course, on CW, my chances of getting RaDAR to RaDAR contacts are reduced unless more of my RaDAR friends use CW. I can still ponder my choice of rigs for the next two weeks.

If your RaDAR Rally plans are coming together, send me a registration via email with
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Please visit for the rules and the Spring roster.


Greg N4KGL

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Suzy Walks For QSOs

We are underdogs on the band. This morning, we had a 20-meter POTA contact in Illinois and SKCC in TX while on Rosemont Drive. Then a 17-meter ragchew with K3PR in Texas while on Gardenia Drive. The rig is Elecraft's new KX1. It comes with a 46 inch whip and a 13 foot drag wire counterpoise. The KH1 is a five-watt CW rig 40-15 meters. I should get lots of use out of it since Suzy insists on a walk every morning. It comes with a paddle but I am using a straight key.