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Sunday, November 5, 2023

N4KGL's Nov 4, 2023 RaDAR Rally Report

It was perfect weather for the Rally in Florida, with cool temps and sunshine. I was pleased to have RaDAR to RaDAR contacts Pat N5VMO once and Chris VA3ECO in his canoe twice. WE4BY in California was almost R to R, but I only got six digits of his grid square. Indeed, the POTA activity on 20 meters helped with thirteen Park to Park QSOs. I alternated between the Grand Lagoon Pier and the sand near Sandy Point, one kilometer to the East. I had the benefit of a light backpack and carried the Alexloop assembled. There was little time to set up at the fifth stop. So I talked a local Bob AB4OB into a 2-meter FM simplex contact. I had no problem making QSOs with the Chinese FX-4CR at twenty watts and the Alexloop magnetic loop. It never hurts to be near the saltwater. 

St. Andrews S.P. Pier on Grand Lagoon

  • Name: Greg Lane
  • Call: N4KGL
  • Day (Sat or Sun): Saturday
  • Venue: St Andrews State Park, Florida
  • Start UTC: 1500
  • Conveyances used: On Foot
  • Bands: 20 meter
  • Modes: SSB
  • QRP (Y or N): No, 20 watts
  • # R to R QSOs =3, # Pota/SOTA QSOs =14, # other QSOs =3, # Deployments =5, Bonus Points= 12
  • Eight-digit grid squares for your deployments Stop 1,3 and 5 EM70DD22 Stop 2 and 4 EM70DD31

Grand Lagoon near Sandy Point

Bob KK4DIV and Scott K7DIA had great results in the same county here in Florida, and Ken KX4BT in Alabama. Of course, Chris had it good in his canoe in Ontario. I got reports from Bob LB4FH in Norway and Lucy M6ECG in England, who had to deal with stormy or rainy weather. I also appreciate a report from Eddie ZS6BNE in South Africa. There will be more reports and follow-ups. Thanks for all the participation across the globe.

Many R2R & 73,

Greg N4KGL 

Friday, November 3, 2023

N4KGL's RaDAR Rally Plan Nov 4th, 2023

I plan to do the rally at St Andrews State Park near Panama City, Florida. I will walk between two spots, one at the marina area and the other at Sandy Point. Those are on the saltwater shore of Grand Lagoon to take advantage of the saltwater effect. I'll need five contacts at each stop to move to the next. The rig will be my FX-4CR, and the antenna will be the Alexloop magnetic loop. The hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CDT. Look for my spots on the RaDAR Spots page: and the POTA site, , The park is POTA K-1917. I may reach out on the 145.210 repeater and QSY to 146.565 FM simplex QSO.

Please read the rules

Review the roster for the registered RaDAR participants at

Good luck and stay safe

Greg N4KGL