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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The 2nd Second Saturday Sprint.(SSS)

Jim K0RGI has come up with a new sprint concept for field ops and their chasers. It is the Second Saturday Sprint (SSS). Visit the QRP Field Ops Community on Google+.  The Sprints are May through October. So get your member number and join us. Mine is 103.

Bravo 7K vertical
For the June 11th SSS Suzy and I returned to Kinsaul Park in Lynn Haven Florida. There were some thunderstorms passing through. Fortunately, I was in a pavilion and could keep the gear dry. My rig was the Elecraft KX3. The antenna was the N6BT Bravo 7K. I also used the Alexloop.

In the SSS you can contact other QRP Field Ops members but you also get credit for other events and casual QSOs. I scored a contact with Pat N0SHU #102 in Missouri at the start on 20 CW. I had five contacts with locals via 2 meters simplex. I used a HT with an Elk Log Periodic for those. I had five SKCC contacts. One on 40 meters and the rest on 20 CW. A couple more local HF contacts including N1HQ #104 gave me 13 QSOs total. We will see how I do on a score. I did run 10 watts so that is a 1.5 multiplier verses the 7 multiplier for 5 watts.

Elk antenna and HT used for 2 meter simplex.
These SSS sprints are a lot of fun.Thanks for all the locals who helped out. I also enjoyed seeing Jason N4JTC who stopped by.