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Thursday, January 7, 2016

NPOTA Five Star Activator Recognition

Be aware of the Five Star Activator recognition for the National Parks On The Air event. I am planning to pursue some of these. See the numbered items below. On my part, I have done Item 8 and 9 already. 4 is easy. 1, 2, 5  7 and 12 are planned. 3 is a maybe., 6 and 10 are a stretch. 11 is nope. 13 is shooting for the Moon!
“Five Star Activator": Special recognition on Activator certificates for Activators who engage in exceptional outreach during activations throughout the event. Activators must perform a minimum of five items on the Five Star Activator list and provide documentation (photos, video, electronic media, etc) of those activities to ARRL HQ upon request. Five Star Activator actions include:
1. Media Publicity: Send a press release of your activation to the local media. It is not necessary to send ARRL a copy of the press release, or a copy of the actual media publicity received (newspaper article, etc.); however, ARRL reserves the right to ask for proof of claimed activities. 
2.   Public Information Table: Promote Amateur Radio during your activation by making appropriate handouts and information available to the visiting public at the site (note: distributing literature in an NPS unit may require a special use permit). 
3.   Youth/Scouting Involvement: Activate an NPS unit with a youth group or Scouting program. 
4,  Radio E-Message:  Transmit at least one electronic message via Amateur Radio to a third party. Any digital messaging format may be used to earn this bonus. The message must leave the NPS unit via RF on an Amateur Radio frequency. 
5.  Digital Modes: Demonstrate Amateur Radio using any of the digital modes available to radio amateurs to an audience of at least one person not familiar with the digital modes. Can Do!
6.  Satellite Contact: Make a minimum of one QSO through an Amateur Radio satellite or the ISS. QSOs must be between two Earth stations.
7.  Green Power: Make a successful Activation using solar, wind, water or non-fossil fuel power.  Includes batteries charged using “green” power.
8.  Battery Power: Make a successful Activation using battery power. Batteries may be charged using commercial mains.
9.  Social Media: Promote your activation, post video or photographs of your activation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform (not your website)
10.  Intrepid Traveler: Activate at least five different NPS units.
11. Stamp Collector: Participate in the NPS Passport program.
12.  Share The Mike: Have a non-ham or new ham make a contact. (Similar to Field Day’s GOTA operating)
13.  Moonbounce: Make at least one QSO via EME. Please use discretion when selecting your operating location.