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Monday, December 2, 2013

RaDAR at the Park

Sometimes all the factors tilt your way in doing portable ops. Sunday, I went to a bayside park in Lynn Haven, Florida. I decided to strap a 31 foot pole to an existing post at the park. A 33 foot  wire (half wave at 20 meters) sloped to the shore where I setup. I used the Hendricks SOTA Tuner with a 17 foot counterpoise I laid on the sand. The saltwater of the bay was to the West.

The 20 meter band was not very crowded. I called CQ on 14.340 SSB and was pleased I was getting answers. I got two contacts with Arkansas and a SOTA operator in Texas. I felt like I was getting a boost from the salt water between us. I also worked MI NJ and NC. They were not so strong but solid contacts.

I got a visit from local ham Harold KF4YDO. While Harold was there I checked into the Maritime Mobile Net. Harold knew the net control who was 6Y5RP Rooney in the West Indies.

The rig was the KX3 at 10 watts. There is a mindset for some that you need to run CW to have QRP success. I would say give QRP SSB a try. This was somewhat a dry run for a meetup by the RaDAR community. It is planned for Saturday December 7th at 1630Z to meet on 14.342.5. That Saturday I will be at the Samson, AL launch site for the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society. It is not by the bay but lots of rich soil there. I plan to use the same half wave setup. As a bonus I am including my rocketry video below. It is my claim to fame on YouTube. It has over 740 thousand views. See

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio originated by ZS6BNE. Visit the RaDAR Google Plus Community.