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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happiness is a warm tube

I had a nice time at the October 27th Headland, AL tailgate. My best find was a one tube code practice oscillator. I like having something that uses a tube for nostalgic reasons.. In addition, this CPO works great  and will come in handy teaching code at our club. It was designed by Dave Schamarder. His web site is Dave's Homemade Radios. The schematic can be seen at this link. I purchased the CPO from Glenn Addison K5WP. He scrounged the parts and built it himself. The tube is a Type 43. Glen got the tube from

I also set up portable at the tailgate which was on the town square. I used the KX3 and the Alexloop and made a few contacts. There were a number of visitors checking out the KX3. I was caught being under dressed for the cool weather in shorts and a T shirt. Harold KF4YDO bailed me out with a light jacket. In addition to Harold, Don KK4DWC and Phil KK4DWI attended from Panama City. All the Wiregrass Club member made us feel welcome.

Greg N4KGL