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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Alexloop Takes a Hike

I have a new backpack which is the LowePro Flipside 300. I can fit the HB-1B, Eneloop batteries, key and the Alexloop inside. A nice feature of this backpack is it holds a tripod on the back. Therefore with Alexloop on the tripod I don't require trees or other supports.

To test this out I packed up and took a one mile walk to the nearest park. It all went fine but I did have to work pretty hard for some short contacts. I worked Ontario and San Francisco on 20 meters.

There is a new twist. I mounted the HB-1B to a clipboard along with the batteries and a set of Chill Pill speakers. A CD case is used to mount the HB-1B at an angle. The batteries are between the two sides of the CD case. Also I mounted a MFJ QRP SWR meter to the tripod after it was setup.. This works well for tuning the Alexloop.

This weekend I also packed up the Icom 703, my 10 AH battery, Alexloop and tripod in the Flipside 300. It all fits but it is a bit heavy. I hope the Flight of The Bumble Bees FOBB event is on for July. I am ready!

Good news! the FOBB 2012 Rules are now available at