Monday, October 10, 2016

October Second Saturday Sprint with the KX2 Pedestrian Mobile

The Second Saturday Sprints (SSS) run May through October. They are sponsored by the QRP Field Operators Google+ Community. I have enjoyed each one this year. They are 2 to 4 PM your local time. Of course, you get the most credit to work other QFO ops but you may or may not find them. There are no worries. The SSS gives credit for working other events and even casual contacts. This is the same strategy I use for Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR). You are looking for other RaDAR ops but you will take anything you can find to get five contacts and then move to the next location. By the way the next RaDAR Challenge in November 5th.

The view of the bay from Kinsaul Park
I have been having lots of fun using the Elecraft KX2 with the MFJ loaded whips for 20 and 40 meters. The whips are around four feet long. I use a 13 foot counterpoise wire dragging on the ground. Expectations would be low for such an antenna but you may be surprised. I used this arrangement for the October SSS at Kinsaul Park in Lynn Haven, Florida. I got 4 contacts on 20 meters CW and six on 20 meters SSB. I was running 10 watts. This was over the course of an hour and a half. I was free to move holding the KX2 in my hand. I gave Suzy a walk or did she walk me? I also sat on a park bench for a few of the contacts.  It helped that the SKCC Weekend Sprint, a FISTS Sprint and the Pennsylvania QSO Party were concurrent with the SSS.  Thanks to a local, Phil N4STC, for one of the 20 meter SSB contacts. I also worked Don KK4DWC and Ron KK4DWE via 2 meter FM simplex.

The KX2 with the MFJ loaded whip

It will be a while before the SSS start again in May of next year. Jim K0RGI says he will advertise it more widely. His infrastructure for collecting the scores is nicely done. I do have the November and April RaDAR Challenges coming up. I may just go pedestrian mobile for the November Challenge. The KX2 and the whip antenna are certainly minimal gear to carry.