Monday, October 28, 2013

RaDAR Fun in October 2013

I had fourteen RaDAR outings so far in October taking advantage of nice weather here in Florida. I did a lot of experimenting using end fed half wave antennas. I did not do any redeployments. I am in planning mode for the November 2nd RaDAR Contest! SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS

10/26 Headland, AL Tailgate. I gave a demo of the KX3 and the Alexloop. I was assisted by Thomas WD0HBR of Dothan. I worked Finland and Alaska on 15 meters SSB.

10/25 Zombie Shuffle EM70CE It is a bit cold for night ops. 20 meters: W5QLF TX, WU1V MA, N9NE WI, W0UFO MN. 40 meters: W3KC MD all CW 5 watts KX3 with Alexloop. 72 N4KGL

10/24 EM70CE82 RaDAR Lunch N4KGL worked KD2JC Joe in NJ on 40 meter CW QRP X 2 QSO ant 66 ft end fed half wave 33 ft up and 33 ft over with 31 ft poles.

10/21 EM70CE82 RaDAR Lunch N4KGL worked 4A2I in Mexico and KP4SJ in Puerto Rico on 10 meters CW with KX3 10 watts and end fed full wave.

10/19 Jamboree On The Air EM70GM53 Deep Springs Park near Fountain FL. I used a fan dipole for 40, 20 and 17 meters. Our club was there for JOTA and got some scouts on the air. We also had a fox hunt for scouts.

10/17 RaDAR Lunch EM70CE82 N4KGL worked Larry W2LJ NJ, KV6Z in OK and WN9U in WI on 20 meters CW. K8CW on 17 meters CW. K5BQ in TX on 40 CW. I used 33 foot vertical wire with LNR matchbox on 20, 9 to 1 unun on 17 and elevated radial on 40. Marv KK4DKT joined me for a while. I called Steve KF5RYI but did not raise him.

10/15 EM70CE82 RaDAR lunch N4KGL worked K9AAA MI on 20 CW and worked N4DPU FL KS4IO FL & W6OAR CA on 15 SSB. I got S9 report from CA.

10/13 EM72NN Columbus GA 40 meters MO TX PA 20 meters MN FL VA ON TX TX & F6HKA 15 M CA Using 33 wire with LNR end fed on 20 and elevated radial on 40 and 15 meters

10/12 EL79IT Port St Joe FL N4KGL worked 20 meters CW: TX NC NC IA NH 15 meters CW: IA NH NJ AZ & EI4JZ 40 meters CW FL 10 meters CW: ZL1BYZ The ZL Made My Day. KX3 5 watts Antenna was 33 foot wire up to 31 foot Jackite pole.

10/10 EM70CE82 RaDAR Lunch 20 meters CW W3NP WV and N3RSD DE nice contacts. Ant 33 feet of ribbon cable with LNR Matchbox. This is half wave at 20 meters and strung vertical up a 31foot Jackite pole.

10/8 EM70CE82 RaDAR Lunch S53OQ Slovenia 10 SSB and WB4MNX KY 20 CW. Used end fed with coax up the pole to matchbox and wire sloping down. 73 N4KGL

10/7 EM70DD21GV St Andrews State Park next to Grand Lagoon. 40 CW: W2EFI NY, 20 CW: KB8KIK, 20 PSK: CO2RL Cuba, 20 SSB: N1PVT MA, VE6AO Alberta, 10 CW JF1IRW Japan. I was testing Trail Friendly End Fed near water with KX3 7 watts. I never expected Japan from FL portable. 7376 miles. This is fun! 73s N4KGL

10/5 EM70GM53 Deep Springs Park near Fountain FL. Greg N4KGL checked into SouthCARS with net control in VA on 40 meters SSB, worked CA on 20 SSB, TX & MO on 20 CW and CA on 10 meters CW. I used KX3 and the trail friendly end fed. MARV KK4DKT and I had a RaDAR outing together. The Deep Springs park will be the site of JOTA ops on Oct 19th.

10/4 EM70CE82 RaDAR Lunch. RaDAR to RaDAR 20 meter SSB QSO with KK4DKT Marv in Springfield FL We both we worked WB8CTC/P in WV. I also worked NG9Y running HW8 station on 20 CW. My rig KX3 10 watts to Trail Friendly End Fed. 73s N4KGL

10/26 Headland Tailgate

10/25 Zombie Shuffle night ops
10/19 Jamboree On The Air Deep Springs Park near Fountain, FL

RaDAR Lunch one of many

10/13 Columbus GA

10/12 Port St. Joe Florida

10/7 St Andrews State Park near Panama City, FL
The RaDAR-America Contest is Saturday November 2nd 2013. The rules are at this linkRaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio originated by ZS6BNE. The Monthly RaDAR Challenge is on-going.  If you are interested in RaDAR visit the RaDAR Google Plus Community.