Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sandy Point Portable Ops

After the RaDAR ops on April 6th and the weather being nice I could not resist returning to St. Andrew's State Park on Friday April 12th. I wanted to go to the Sandy Point area of the park because it is surrounded by salt water in the most directions. In RaDAR fashion I proceeded to walk to the point with my backpack, chair, table and short pole. I setup the KX3 and Alexloop and decided to try 17 meters. I chose 18.132 SSB and was able to CQ and hold the frequency for a little over an hour. QSOs included OH, TX, NJ, VA, MA and TX again. The last QSO was N5SKH who was also using a KX3. The ten watts did the job with reports from S5 to S9. I'd say the saltwater was a plus. The traffic was mostly fishermen and they wanted to know if the loop had any influence on the fish. I am afraid not, but the right net on the loop might come in handy for landing the big one Hi Hi!

Sandy Point

The pack-up

The KX3 and Alexloop setup

My ship came in!