Sunday, November 27, 2011

N4KGL Pedestrian Mobile Setup

I was inspired by a recent contact with WA3WSJ/PM Ed in Pennsylvania while I was QRP portable here in Florida. Ed publishes an excellent book Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook. The book has great material for PM and much of it applies to any type of portable operations.

The photos below are of my pedestrian mobile setup to try out. The clipboard holds a Wilderness SST 20 meter transceiver, a Hendricks BLT + Tuner and 10 Eneloop AA batteries in a holder. There is a camera strap to hold the clipboard in front from my neck. The antenna is a 12.5 foot vertical wire with a buddistick coil at the base. It is held vertical by a 13 foot crappie pole. The antenna components are strapped to a flat sheet of plastic that came from a lap desk. This is worn like a backpack. There are bungees to go around each shoulder and one around the waist. A counterpoise wire is hooked to the tuner and is about 16 foot long. (The best length is TBD). The counterpoise is dragged as you walk. I need to come up with a better disconnect for the counterpoise as they are easy to get stuck or snatched.

I was testing in the backyard but there is a contest filling the band today. I did get one contester to come back to me so I am pretty sure it is good to go. Ed has a lot of guidance for PM in the book including safety. I'll try a nice open area to get started and a buddy to keep me out of trouble. The weather is going downhill now. So I will look forward to a future pedestrian mobile opportunity.